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Nearby attractive sights

Kurpie is heaven for fishermen and fans of water sports. Five rivers intersect this unbelievably rich in natural beauty region: Narew, Bug, Omulew, Rozoga, Szkwa.


Ornithologists and botanics may be tempted by numerous nature reserves- spring pools create a stunning background for a beautiful ritual of courtship display. Those enjoying walking, jogging and, currently popular, Nordic Walking are welcomed to check educational trails.



It must be noted that Kurpie is also famous for its folklore; some of the folk events organized in our region are of international kind. Taking part in ceremonies of Palm Sunday, Kurpiowskie Wedding and Miodobranie (Kurpiowskie Honey Harvest) is definitely an unforgettable experience and it is worth to be included in the stay.



You can profit from richness of open air museum, regular museums or worskshops called ‘disappearing professions’ for the entire year.

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